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TLC Auto Shop has always believed that Referrals are the main revenue stream of the company, not only receiving, but also giving. Below are some Highly Recommended companies that we have taken time to know, are highly respected and are the best at what they do.

If you have a referral for us, please Contact Us.

Professional Business Networking (PBN) - Network Group
PBN is a Business-to-Business (BTB) Networking group that starts with the principle of building a foundation of mutually supportive and empowering relationships.
East Dallas Networking (EDN) - Network Group
The purpose of EDN is to support one another's business and client relationships through the introduction and support of group members from other professional industries.


TLC Auto Shop, we take pride in our shop.
That's our business - to keep your car running safe;
and to keep you, the customer, informed and satisfied.
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